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Thank you with all of our hearts!

This was a great success this year - what a great family of racquetball players and watchers, a fantastic time to celebrate Josh, and some dollars raised. Thank you to all who played, all who volunteered, and to those who were able to just stop by... it was fantastic to see everyone!

We are already looking forward to next year!

Held in memory of Josh Nelson who was only 16 years old when we lost him to suicide in 2017. He will be remembered as a friend, a son, a brother, and a teammate. Josh played two seasons of racquetball for Sprague and in that short time he became a team leader and a family member.

The Nelson family has chosen to set up a scholarship fund to help future Sprague players afford the cost of playing racquetball when it exceeds the abilities of a family to pay as well as for player education after high school. This scholarship is just another way that Josh, who earned Rookie of the Year his first year, and in his second year a State Boys-1 Doubles title, State and National titles in Boys-3 Singles, as well as a Boys-2 Doubles National title, will be remembered!

please read our flyers if you're Interested in contributing or being a sponsor!

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