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Josh Nelson Memorial Scholarship

A college scholarship for graduating Sprague Racquetball players


Josh Nelson Memorial Scholarship

The Josh Nelson Memorial Scholarship honors the memory of Josh Nelson.  Josh played two seasons of racquetball on the Sprague Racquetball team, and in that short time he became a team leader and a family member. Josh was home schooled and actively involved in his church and community. His quick smile, contagious humor and generous spirit helped create strong bonds on the team.  Josh’s dedication to the sport resulted in his selection as Rookie of the Year in 2016 and earned him both individual and doubles titles at both the State and National level in 2017.

In honor of Josh, this $500 scholarship will be used to further the academic goals of Sprague Racquetball Team players.


  • Graduating students attending either Sprague High School, or a home school program within the Sprague boundary, obtaining a diploma or GED by August 1, 2019; or students residing within the Sprague boundary who obtain a GED by August 1, 2019;

  • Active participants with the Sprague Racquetball Team;

  • Participants who have played in at least one sanctioned Oregon High School Racquetball League match during their time as a member of the Sprague Racquetball Team; and

  • During the scholarship period, any applicant who is awarded a scholarship must be enrolled in a full-time program, as prescribed by the college, university, junior college, vocational/technical school, or other eligible educational institution in which the applicant is enrolled.

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  • Due February 23, 2024

  • A completed application, with four essay answers (Attached, Items #1-4 and    #6-7, and verification/signature page)

  • Two letters of recommendation (Item #5)

  •  A high school transcript, GED diploma, or homeschooling testing results (10th-grade requirement) (Item #6)

  • A Coach Input Sheet (CIS), to be given by the applicant to one of the applicant’s practice coaches for completion (Item #8).


Anna Shewaye

Carson McDaniel

Elise Abbott


Ainsley Martin

Caitlyn Joye

Cole Holley

Katt MacGregor


Clara Mundal

Josh Bradshaw

Kelsey Cochran

Rory Lampe


Elizabeth Byrd

Leah Bjornsrud

Tucker Elkins

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