2018-2019 Fall Practices

Please read our New Parent/Player Information Packet.  It provides great information on the program.  You can click here to view the PDF.

The video below also helps answer most questions.  Please feel free to enjoy it!

New Players Practice Day: Interested in joining our program or just trying it out?  Come to the South River Road Courthouse Athletic Club Thursdays 6:00pm-8:00pm.  We'll make sure you have fun!

Courthouse Athletic Club Fees

     - Existing Member : $0 (you're already a member)

     - Non-Member : (four options to choose from)

          $10 guest fee per visit

          $20 for 20 days (a good way to start for those who are on the borderline of playing racquetball)

          $200 for full access to the club until the high school season ends in March

          $300 for 12 months

Equipment:  We have equipment for the players who are testing the waters of racquetball so there is no need to buy anything in the beginning.