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Welcome to the 2019-2020 Sprague Racquetball Season!  (Forms are at the bottom)

Sprague League Match 1, November 16th

Green with Dar and Arash
Lloyd Athletic Club
Show at 9am, Start a 10am

Gold with Dan G
Multnomah Athletic Club
UPDATED! Show at 11, Start at noon

Orange with Don
Cascade Athletic Club
Show at 9am, Start at 10am

Teal and SS Blue with Eric
River Road Courthouse
Show at 9am, Start at 10am

Black with Bill (Dan A)
Lancaster Courthouse
Show at 9am, Start at 10am

Can't remember your league team color? Here's the list!

Here's the 2019-20 League Match Schedule for LM1 - LM3
(LM4 on January 4th won't be scheduled until the
team rankings are complete after LM3)

Forms Forms Forms!

Here's a practice roster... if you're not on the list please come to the Thursday 6-8pm and Sunday 1-3pm practices! 

Coach contact information, calendar of events, practice schedule etc. can be found here on the info-sheet.

Here are the Oregon High School Racquetball League registration forms: State registration forms

We're using the Remind app again... when we have important info to share we'll send a short text in a timely manner.  Sign up by texting the number 81010 with the message @spraguerba