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102 - wine with me
105- Purse
110 - Treat your Sweetheart
101 - Wallet
101 - wallet -2
107 Let it Snow
109 - Work off that cookie
108 - Tis the Season
104 - Beers to You
106 - lets get away
105- Purse-2
103-Travel Backpack-retouched
Auction Receipt.jpg

Auction Receipt

Make sure donors get recognized and get the proper documentation for their taxes by completing a receipt for their donation.

Contributor Letter2_edited.png

Coaches Letter

A letter from the coaches to potential contributors stating what the donation is for and what the team is all about.

Corporate Sponsorships.jpg

Corporate Sponsorship

A key portion of our funding for nationals has always come from the generosity of businesses.  We offer various levels of sponsorship with corresponding  rewards.

We need baskets for the Auction!

Here are some basket ideas, baskets we have partially completed, and baskets that are done!

Basket on Wheels

Basket Ideas

  • Mystery Wines: variety priced wines

  • Car Care Kit:

  • UofO Basket: ideas: hat, scarf, tickets, swag, shirt, etc.

  • Night on the Town: Gift Certificates (dinner, dessert, show, theater tickets) maybe even a limo

  • Pet Basket:

  • Big Ticket Items: trips, cabins, experiences, fishing excursion, ski trip, etc….

Straw Basket

Partially completed... help us finish with the following items

  • Family Games Basket: Board Game, Snacks, Scoreboard

  • Travel Bag and Compression Sacks: Gift Card or travel something

  • Gardening Basket – Tools, seeds, soil, Gloves, maybe tote or wheel barrow

  • Overnight Tote Bag – Coffee Card

  • Designer Wallet : Gift cards

  • Foot Care Basket: Message or Pedicure Certificate

  • Beach Basket: Beach Toys, Blanket, maybe even hotel/condo certificate

  • Chala Designer Purse: Gift Cards,

  • OSU Basket: tickets to a game, fan swag, shirt

  • Organizing Basket: labels, desk set, fun notepad, cute pens, maybe a professional organizer certificate

  • Exercise Basket: Weights, water bottle, class gift cert

  • Baking Basket: Bowl, spoons, rolling pin

  • Christmas Basket: Hot cocoa

  • New Years Eve Basket: Party favors, chocolates, dinner certificate, 4 champagne glasses

Pig Stuffie and Shoes

Completed Baskets!

  • Two Christmas Art Pieces

  • Holiday Wine Basket

  • Cribbage and Beer Basket

  • Wine Tasting and Tour

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